School Name

Urban Assembly Maker Academy


9-10 (9-12 in 2017)

Year founded



Luke Bauer


Downtown Manhattan




Who we are

From all 5 boroughs of New York City, a diverse group of students with an even distribution of reading levels. In year 1 we had 10% Special Education students and 4% ELLs.  We expect to expand our Special Education and ELL population as we grow.

Hallmarks of UA Maker's approach to mastery

  • Students use mastery in all classes.
  • Students have multiple opportunities to develop mastery. Taking an average of the three most recent attempts keeps student mastery and skills "fresh"


What makes UA Maker unique?

We built a custom site so we can continuously improve the kinds data visualizations and reports that we need. We are constantly making improvements and new reports to be able to make our system more actionable.


    What can other schools learn from you?

    How to "iterate" - how to change/improve a system throughout the year without feeling like you are throwing your previous experience away.


      Grading Policy

      We use a learning management system, publicly available rubrics, and a custom built web platform to create progress reports, updated weekly. Students all have advisors who help make sure that students are accessing the reports and understanding the reports.