Online Session Presentations & Recordings

Fall 2016 Living Lab school online session links:

KAPPA International HS—Messaging Mastery with Language and Visuals

KAPPA International HS Recording // KAPPA International Slides

Article on KAPPA International HS


NYC iSchool—Mastery-based facilitation/ coaching/ flexible pacing

NYC iSchool Recording // NYC ischool Slides


Urban Assembly Maker Academy—Clear & comprehensive mastery-based grading practices

UA Maker Session Recording // UA Maker Slides

Article on Urban Assembly Maker Academy


The Young Women’s Leadership School, Astoria—Using a grading tracker to support growth mindset

TYWLS-Astoria Session Recording // TYWLS-Astoria Slides

Article on Young Women’s Leadership School, Astoria

MS442 School for Innovation—Aligning outcomes across grades/departments

MS442 Session Recording // MS442 Slides

Article on Carroll Gardens School for Innovation


Flushing International HS—Designing outcomes that drive learning

Flushing International Session Recording // Flushing International Slides

Article on Flushing International HS


Frank McCourt HS—Developing, norming, and using mastery-based rubrics

FMHS Session Recording TBD // FMHS Slides


Harvest Collegiate HS—Building a school-wide philosophy of mastery

Harvest Collegiate HS Recording // Harvest Slides


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