Mastery Collaborative News: Vol. 3, Issue 10
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Newsletter: Vol. 3, Issue 10  |  6.21.17

Happy summer! Before you skip town, join us in redesigning the MC Framework! Details below.

Thumbs up for mastery! Here's Matt and Moheeb, students at MC Living Lab School MS 442,
who wowed the crowds at the Spring Quarterly in May.

Highlights of MC Year 2

As a second rich and wonderful year of MC comes to a close, we want to say a big thank you to you educators across NYC who come together to share and learn in order to imbue learning with traction, context, and clarity—and who strive every day to empower and respect young people. We are grateful to work with such a world-class group of school leaders, teachers, counselors, and students.

Our highlights of the year:

  • Our Quarterly meetings that bring together our full community from across the expanse of NYC, 3 times this year. Oh, how we love these gatherings.
  • Our first 4-day Summer Institute last July. (See below for deets on this Julys' MC Summer Institute!)
  • The CRE/Equity Working Group, which produced our groundbreaking one-pager on mastery and CRE(This group will continue next year due to popular demand).
  • "Talking about Race and Mastery" with our partners at Border Crossers, and 150 MC practitioners from 30+ schools at 8 sessions this year.
  • Spring visits! 130 attendees at visits about mastery and CRE. Guests hailed from 24 MC schools, Central DOE, Competency Works, Springpoint, Hechinger Report, and Education Reimagined. Big thanks to the 10 host schools.
  • The launch of the Mastery Incubator program, which is helping a small number of schools to make the shift, with support and the collective wisdom of our community.
  • We saw that mastery can close learning gaps! A reporter asked about the efficacy of mastery, and we pulled together data that showed one of our Living Lab Schools closed gaps on performance metrics by 30% in the first 3 years of implementing mastery-based teaching and learning—a surprise even to us.
  • Reading your highlights from this year, shared at the Spring Q. We will share your school/personal mastery highlights when we come back together in the fall.
  • Student panels at the Spring Q! We love hearing what this work means to young people. (As promised, read on to hear more from our wonderful student panelists.)


Spring Q Student Panel Reprise:
What should all adults know about people your age?

  • Carmen: The most fun thing to do in a classroom is to talk—to express yourself to the teacher or the whole classroom.
  • Maria: When there’s a presentation, just because we aren’t looking directly at the speaker doesn’t mean that we aren’t listening.
  • Jazlyn: Just because a student presents themselves a certain way, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to do something. They might need guidance.
  • Moheeb: You know how kids get in fights sometimes? The teachers think they know what happened and don’t let the kids explain. They don’t let you talk about what you’re saying. I couldn’t explain what the problem was. I would just get stopped every single three seconds. Teachers should listen more, not just talk.
  • Samantha: I don’t think teachers realize how much their presence can affect the classroom.I don’t think teachers understand how much they affect a student…and how much their bond affects how much a student can and wants to learn.
  • Sandra: It’s important to have your school feel like a community!

Coming up!
National Summit on K-12 Competency Education                     
Our own MC Co-Director Jeremy Kraushar, and teachers from several MC Living Lab Schools will be representing our brand of mastery-based innovations starting today (June 21-23) in Denver, at the Competency Works National Summit. Say it loud and proud, MC!

MC Framework 2.0 Work Sessions    RSVP here by June 26 
WeWork Penn Station, 315 W. 36th St., NY & asynchronously      
  • Thursday, June 29, 10 am to 3 pm (and online at a time of your choice through mid-July!)

We need your help in updating MC's Implementation Framework to capture the incredible learning across our community in our first 2 years—and to frame mastery practices across NYC in coming years. Please join us to create Framework 2.0! We are also offering an "asynchronous" way to work on this through mid-July—here's a draft where you can contribute your ideas. Earn per session (if you can weigh in by June 30), and help to structure mastery in NYC in coming years!


MC Summer Institute            RSVP here by June 30
This institute is designed for teachers and schools who want to build capacity with the most high-leverage shift of mastery. There are 3 days for individuals,  and 1 day for school teams (admin and 2-3 teachers) Join us for hands-on mastery learning!

at Made in NY 30 John Street, Brooklyn (DUMBO)  
50 people max per day, first come, first served

  • July 10-13, 10 am to 4:30 pm each day,
  • Monday, July 10: CRE & Mastery (individuals)
    —Featuring Khalilah Brann of NYU Metro Center for
        Strategic Solutions

  • Tuesday, July 11: Instructional Design: curriculum/assessments (individuals)
    —Featuring Lisa Genduso of MC Living Lab School MS 442

  • Wednesday, July 12: Facilitation, Coaching, & Planning (individuals)
    —Featuring Jared Sutton of MC Living Lab School MS 442

  • Thursday, July 13: System of outcomes, Grading Policies (school teams) 
    —Featuring Maddy Hackett, AP at MC Living Lab School UA Maker Academy, &
       Michelle Bensignor of DOE Office of Academic Policy                              


Mastery Communications Week Aug 18-22 in collaboration with our friends at Springpoint Schools and Competency Works. We are planning an online CBE feast to help returning educators get their mastery groove on! Stay tuned for details.


Quarterly dates for Next Year

Please put these dates in your school calendar now!

  • Wednesday October 18, 2017 at Microsoft in Times Square
  • Wednesday January 10, 2018, location tbd
  • Wednesday May 16, 2018, location tbd


MC Working Groups for Fall

Interested in any/all of these working group topics? We hope you will plug in and help to gather, create, and share out for the benefit of the full MC community. Each group will have 4 sessions, 2 online, and 2 in person. Dates TBD.

  • CRE and Mastery Let's keep exploring the possibilities.
  • Skills, Mindsets, and Mastery We aim to share out best practices about naming, coaching, tracking, grading (or not) general skills that support success in and out of school: 21C Skills, Work Habits, Character Skills, Non-Cognitive Skills, Academic and Personal Behaviors, Mindsets . . . what do you call them?
  • Alternate Summative Assessments What are the ideal ways to track, measure, assess mastery at the end of a course/term? Discuss!

                      Read This. Watch That.

New reports from Competency Works, connected to the 2017 National Summit on CBE happening THIS WEEK in Denver. 

These new draft reports explore key issues challenging the field of competency education:

Take time to read these important papers. They draw on the collective creativity and expertise of leaders across the country, and will chart the course for the field of competency education through the next wave of innovation, implementation and expansion.

Equity in Competency Education: Realizing the Potential, Overcoming the Obstacles; and, The Past and the Promise: Today’s Competency-based Education Movement by Jobs for the Future.

At the MC Spring 2017 Quarterly, we shared out this updated MC one-pager on mastery and CRE, to synthesize the amazing learning and sharing from our year-long, community-wide exploration of how mastery and CRE connect and amplify each other's power. (We're planning a small pilot next year with others at DOE to create culturally responsive learning environments. Get in touch if you're interested.)

Also at the Spring Q, we debuted this video highlighting the MC Incubator, featuring Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School.

About us

The Mastery Collaborative is a community for NYC public middle and high schools that are using mastery/competency-based shifts. We are a program
of the Model Redesign team in NYC DOE’s Office of Postsecondary Readiness. 

Mastery Collaborative
NYC Department of Education
131 Livingston Street, Rm 303
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Twitter & Instagram: @masterynyc

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