8 Living Lab Schools that have full-school mastery systems. These schools serve as examples, hosts, sources of ideas/practices/resources.

30+ Active Member schools that learn, participate, and share, too.

3 goals per school are self-chosen, and vetted by MC community to be

  • based on existing needs and strengths
  • doable in one year
  • measurable in some way


Quarterly meetings each year to share and create as a full community

Working groups think through issues and curate resources to benefit the whole community. Topics to date: Academic Policy, Curriculum Design in Math and ELA, Grading Policies & Software, Culturally Responsive Education/Equity

How we stay in touch across the 5 boroughs of NYC:

o   school visits, community meetings

o   our wiki www.mcresources.org

o   online folder sharing

o   emails, phone calls

o   monthly newsletter

o   monthly online sessions to showcase interesting work

Collective outreach and advocacy with, by, and for our community of mastery practitioners.

Program Principles

  • Promoting equity through development of rich, culturally relevant learning environment
  • Creating shared understanding, clarity and transparency among all stakeholders
  • Fostering student ownership of learning, both inside and outside of schools
  • Building habits of mind, growth mindsets, and digital literacy to cultivate college and career readiness
  • Developing all stakeholders' metacognition about student pathways toward interest-driven postsecondary goals