Though we talk about mastery all the time, we get ah-ha moments frequently in our shoptalk with mastery practitioners.

Here are three ah-ha moments we'd like to share with you.

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Jesse at EPIC North on why he uses project-based learning:
“I know my students have mastered something when they finish a complex task. It represents about a month of work, and if they can do that, I know they get it. Knowing a kid gets it is more difficult when someone is doing day by day instruction, because then you have to choose how you know if they got it.”

"Ahhhh, I get it now!"

"Ahhhh, I get it now!"

Bart at Hunter’s Point on messaging outcomes:
“We talk about student-friendly language, but it shouldn’t just be student-friendly. The outcomes are for the students; the language should be fully accessible to them.”


Luke at UA Maker on giving students multiple opportunities:
“Retakes need to be part of your course—if you value revision in learning.”