Mastery Collaborative Active Membership is designed for schools who are piloting or implementing a mastery system schoolwide or in at least one grade or one department. Active membership schools:

      participate regularly in visits and sharing of ideas, practices, processes, and resources.

      design and implement goals that provide innovative solutions/improvements to aspects of your existing mastery system/practices

      receive 2-3 formal checkins and other ad hoc support from the MC program team

      have access to/contribute to a library of shared community resources (rubrics, curriculum units, frameworks, grading systems, and the like)


Current Active Member schools are: 


Academy for Careers in Television and Film

Academy for Software Engineering

Bronx Arena High School

Bronx Community High School

Bronx Compass High School

Bronx International High School

Bronx Leadership Academy II High School

Bronx Park Middle School

Brooklyn International High School

Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative Studies

Community Roots Charter Middle School

Crotona International High School

East Bronx Academy for the Future

EPIC High School North

EPIC High School South

Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders High School

Global Technology Preparatory Middle School

International Community High School

International High School at Lafayette

Inwood Early College for Health and Information Technologies

Manhattan International High School

Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School

Murray Hill Academy High School

Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice

North Queens Community High School

NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies

Pan American International High School at Monroe

Queens School of Inquiry

South Bronx Community Charter High School

The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx

Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School

West Side Collaborative Middle School